If in “spoken words” or “running pictures” – racecam.tv is your partner for electronic productions in motorsports. From an up to date sound file of a race driver right after his success, web-radio and web-TV, a “ready to go” podcast of a single racing series, or a TV contribution ready to transmit, up to an image or promotion film - we are able to produce it for you right on the spot as well as in the studio.

Our strength is the up to date coverage at the race track. Complete contributions about the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany are produced by our team right in the paddock. Doing so, we rely on experienced journalists, operators and cutters as well as on modern and compact high-quality broadcast techniques.

In our Youtube-Channel we provide numerous examples of our productions for you to view or to download. You will find some examples of our latest TV and movie productions, as well as comprehensive cuts of our onboard- and effect cameras.