„Our“ race drivers lap the circuits at the limit and with high precision, driving full throttle toward the champagne shower. Their high performance becomes our goal when it comes to TV-Production. Comprehensive highlight coverage for national and international TV-Stations are produced “ready to go” already in the paddock at the race track. With our mobile solutions we are able to produce complete content that is not only on high technical, but also and editorial level.

With that, racecam.tv produces for example the coverage of the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany for the TV-Stations n-tv and Sport1. The shots from the cams around the circuit are combined with onboard and effect recordings from within 25 race vehicles, providing an attractive 30-minutes coverage of the highlights of each race. Interviews and stories at the edge of each event top off these TV magazines.

Only hours after the race the call is “quite please, we are on air”. Germanys fastest and most attractive one make cup is on the box.