Helmet cam – With the eyes of the driver

Our newest development has got the size of two post stamps and weights only as much as a normal letter. 19 gramms and a size of 6 x 4 cm are key data of the full HD helmet camera. Together with our Partner UVEX we probably developed the smallest helmet camera of the world. Mounted in the sun shield of helmet visor, the only 5 millimetres big lens provides an authentically point of view of the race driver. The camera lens follows each and every movement of the head, show the drivers view on opponents, rear mirrors and the dashboard.

Special Cams – Everything is possible
A further, only 20 grams weighting Version with the size of a match box, the new full HD camera comes to use on selected places of the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup race car. The small and lightweight construction allows mounting the cam at positions, that couldn’t be realized for onboard recordings so far. With that the Mycro-Cam can be mounted beneath the Engine, within the wheel houses, or in the side skirts of the Porsche Cup car. Currently the camera system is used exclusively for the 30 minutes TV-Coverage of the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany in the German TV-Stations n-tv and Sport1. Our cam system for UVEX Helmets complies with the newest regulations for helmet cameras of the DMSB (German motorsports association) – as from 2013.