Nothing escapes the index-finger-big lens of the onboard camera. Complete systems weighing 9 to 99 grams only are mounted in or outside the race car. The classical view through the windscreen or from the roof of the car, the drivers shot from different angles, or the effect captures in or outside the car show mainly one thing the dynamics of motorsports.

Our strength is extraordinary perspectives. With the help of our self developed mounts our special cams can be installed at almost every place at the race car. Our cams can be installed even inside the helmet, on the wheel suspension, or underneath the engine, delivering unique points of view for your shots.

We are able to record up to four hours in full HD. Our systems are working independent of the car electric. For time-consuming use especially with automatic monitoring systems the cams can be run with the power of the car as well. Established recording formats allow quick editing for Movie and TV purposes.