“There is no second chance for the first impression.” That’s especially true for the sportsman, who wants to convince “his audience” about his achievements in front of a running cam or a microphone. Goal-directed behaviour in this kind of situations is something that has to be learned. In our Media-Training we teach the sportsman not only in theoretical, but above all in practical lessons about the most important basics for a safe way of dealing with the media, sponsors and partners.

Our special field is motorsports. We know the matter from our practical experience and we work with our clients for their practical experience. Learning this kind of craftsmanship and the right way to provide a sportsman’s message are the topics of our camera supported training. Together with the driver we improve his personality, # his body language and his appearance.

Our focus is on how basic statements are shaped and complex coherences are reduced to a short and understandable message. In the frantic environment of motorsports the sportsman should convince his audience in an authentically and pleasant way.