Racecam.tv is in care of the media work for numerous race drivers in Germany and abroad. We advise our clients, generate concepts, produce image portfolios and press releases, and we care for distribution and placement, especially in the electronic media and social networks.

Journalistic competence and up-to-dateness is our strength. The steady contact to our media colleagues is our daily business. In about 30 years of professional experience a really comprehensive networks has grown to the important people, the media and not at least to the teams and drivers in motorsports. Knowing each other is making most things much easier!

By the way our insiders of motorsports are not working behind the bureau desk. Experienced editors are always at the spot being on hand as your person of contact. From written to spoken words, over a meaningful photograph up to moving pictures, with racecam.tv you will have everything from one source. And everything with the speed that determines our sport with full throttle!