Motorsports is our sports! After 30 years of experience, we have become pally with drivers, sports chefs and organizers. To capture the dynamic and attractiveness of racing is not simply a job for us – it’s really our passion. The car is far more than just a mean of transportation to us, It’s in the centre of our focus. Designs, driving dynamics and technical features are presented from their best angle.

Experienced cameraman, Editors, Authors and cutters produce television documentaries, Image and promotion films with the ultra modern Equipment. Skilful camera shots, exceptional perspectives and an elaborate cut in the AVID-Studio give the movies the inimitable signature of the racecam GmbH. Beside other we produce since almost twenty years the image-films of the Porsche Supercup and the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany “ready to go” from the first Idea up to sound on vision.

A crucial element of our film production is achieved by the use of our effect- and mini cams, which support the dynamical and exceptional visual language of our movies.